Food for thought, food for fuel is everything as an entrepreneur. You have a lot to take care of every day, all day. As much as you understand that cash is oxygen for your business, you must understand that what you ingest becomes your fuel to keep going every day.

It is easy to forgo breakfast and run out the door in the morning with a coffee in hand. We also know this is not the answer, nor is it good for you.JENNIFER WALSH

It is important to recognize how import certain foods are for you to keep your energy going throughout the day without. Make this conscious effort every day as part of your daily plans on how to maximize your efforts in all that you do.

My go to breakfast is oatmeal, and not the instant oatmeal that could be loaded with added sugar and preservatives. Instead, aim for rolled oates and then pile on blueberries, bananas, walnuts and a touch of cinnamon. This combination will give you healthy energy throughout the morning and keep you going strong and alert until lunch.


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