Jennifer turned her daily inspirational walks in Central Park for herself into inspirational walks for all!

Ms. Walsh spends every day in the park where she finds inspiration for work and where she gets to have her “me time” where she is able to truly relax and unwind on long walk or runs. Often times people would ask to walk with her to really see all that she sees, as she photographs the sights in the park almost daily.

Jennifer decided to turn her beautiful walks in the most famous park in the world into a backdrop for her fun, inspiring interviews with people from all “walks” of life, LIVE! She has spent the past 20 years on TV in front of the camera and has met some very interesting people on and off set. She realized that she could use her own platform to tell the stories of so many people she has met on her journey in business in a place that she has felt the most inspired, in Central Park

The Walk with Walsh, online LIVE show, has allowed people from all over the world to tune in and learn from Founders, CEO’s, Innovators, Philanthropists. The changing landscape through the seasons has become an integral part of a Walk with Walsh.

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