I am very excited to announce that I will be joining Marie Claire’s The Fix this afternoon! The Fix is Marie Claire’s live Facebook show that takes place every Tuesday at 2:00 PM. The show covers all fashion, beauty, and lifestyle aspects! Today, I get a chance to discuss everything from an all natural lip therapy to the latest in insulated water bottles. Check out some of the trendiest brands we’ll be covering below:

Mizzi Cosmetics:

Mizzi Cosmetics is known for their Lipluxe therapy. They have been endorsed by celebs like Kylie Jenner, Kate Hudson, and many more. They pride themselves in using all natural organic ingredients to make a product just as effective as the chemical made treatments out there today.

Daily Harvest:

Daily Harvest is a company that is making, fresh, organic ingredients for smoothies more easily accessible for those busy moms. Made by a mother herself, Rachel Drori’s company delivers delicious, superfood eats to your freezer with the latest frozen technology.


Who would have thought water bottles would be such a trendy accessory? This insulated water bottles brand combines fashion with function in hopes of ridding the world of plastic water bottles. Today, it’s almost inevitable to see a 20-something girl strolling around town with one of these cute steel bottles.

Lush Cosmetics:

Lush is making strides in creating spa-worthy skincare products from fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. Their skincare and cosmetic products are handmade, free of animal testing, and designed with fun and fresh aesthetics.

Philip B. Botanical Products:

Philip B. is known as Hollywood’s preeminent hair-treatment expert. His products are based on pure botanicals and essential oils that have the same effectiveness as other leading chemical based products. Philip’s visionary approach to hair care has made him a name in Hollywood for a reason.

Deborah Lippmann:

Deborah Lippmann has added to her career as a celebrity manicurist by creating her own line of luxury polishes and hand & foot care. Deborah’s line comes from her realization that the market was missing a diverse range of nail colors and luxury care products. Her authority in nails is undeniable.

Tune in to The Fix at 2:00 PM today to see what we have to say about these product lines on Marie Claire’s Facebook Page.


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