The Healthy Entrepreneur, Jennifer Walsh’s morning, Wake Up With Walsh

Each morning, you can start your day with a morning mantra to help guide you to be a healthy / mindful / thoughtful leader within your business, within your team, or within your community.

Known for her online video and podcast series called Walk with Walsh, Jennifer discusses what it means to be a healthy leader with Founders, CEO’s, Innovators, Philanthropists, and all of those that are making an impact within their communities, as she walks through iconic Central Park. Jennifer was an early female founder in the late 90’s with her creation of Beauty Bar and pioneered the way we shopped for beauty going forward.

2018 marks her 20th year as an entrepreneur and creating new business ventures all along the way. With her 20th year as an entrepreneur, she has launched her 3rd business, Walsh Media Group, which is a tech, data, science and wellness platform using all that she has learned over the past 20 years in business and creating a fully involved media group tying together the importance of health / wellness / business in a very unique way.

Jennifer fully believes that a healthy business depends on healthy leadership. She also is a strong advocate for the health and healing benefits of walking in nature and what it does for the health of your brain. This is also why she conducts her interviews while walking in nature. We must truly walk the walk to be able to talk the talk.

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