The home is an integral part of being a healthy entrepreneur. The size of the living space does not matter but what does matter is what you feel when you are within its walls. Your home should be a place where you can find great comfort and serenity, even if it is full of children or if you are single. Your living space should bring you joy and a place where you can recharge after leading your business all day.

If you have ever thought that there is no way that you could or would do a boxing class, I think I found the perfect class for you! For years I have always been on the hunt for great kickboxing or boxing studios or classes anywhere I could find them in any city I lived in or visited for that matter.

Are you looking for a boost to your cardio? A little kick to your usual routine? The best way to elevate that heart rate quickly is to do interval training. Intervals can bring your usual cardio to a different level just by pushing yourself for short bursts of time. This blast of intense exercise can help increase your aerobic and anaerobic levels of endurance while blasting away more fat. Many entrepreneurs often want to get the most out of the little time that they do have to work out and interval training can help get the most bang for the time you do have to dedicate to it. I love to give myself that extra push 3 times a week and I love either running stairs or any type of hill / incline. Your endurance will continue to improve the more you do these great workouts.